Spurs Rec Soccer

Our recreational youth soccer program provides a relaxed introduction to the sport, but with a more carefully vetted and prepared team of coaches than is customary in recreational soccer.

Spurs FC Recreational Program

Spurs is proud to provide a recreational soccer program to children ages 5 - 14. Our goal is to provide the groundwork for these youngsters to enjoy playing sports, develop a love for soccer and understand the importance of being a healthy athlete. Our coaches are a combination of parents and high school athletes who are provided with similar training and resources as the professional coaches in our competitive program. While some of these young footballers come from ‘Lil Spurs, many have had no previous soccer experience. All are welcome and we form as many teams as we have players so every player will be placed on a team and have the opportunity to play. Many recreational players move on to our competitive program because they are hungry for more time on the pitch.

Cost: Fall 2019 Season $300 // Registration is closed, but please contact us for more information!