Comp Soccer

Spurs FC fosters thriving players by building on players’ love of the game to create a well-rounded player. With our distinctive style of play, passionate program and clear pathway for success and love of the sport, our competitive program is developed around all pillars of our mission.


Spurs FC Competitive Program

Our professional coaches create proficiencies in the four domains of soccer: technical, tactical, psychological, and physical. We do this by using an age-appropriate curriculum, thoughtful training plans that include yearly and longterm goals, learning opportunities on and off the pitch, regular team meetings, player evaluations each season, and a club that supports every player on every team at every level.

Competitive teams practice more days, travel farther for games, participate in weekend long tournaments, train as an age group and not just with their team, and just have a lot of fun playing soccer.

Competitive players are expected to work on their own when not in practice, be committed to their team and their teammates, develop as soccer players at their own pace, are given opportunities to participate in programs outside the club such as the NorCal Player Development Program (PDP) or the Cal North Olympic Development Program (ODP), often choose to give back to their soccer family by becoming youth trainers, assistant coaches during summer and find great success playing for their high school team and beyond.

Competitive coaches are professional coaches who are dedicated to their players, have played high level soccer themselves, have received training not only in how to teach soccer but how to work with young athletes and bring unique skillsets to the club such as sports psychology, nutrition and injury prevention.

Spurs FC Comptetitive Spring 2019 Teams



Coach Pablo Perez

NorCal Regional 4v4


2010B White

Coach Kitamba Douglas

NorCal Regional (Bronze) 7v7


2008B Blue

Coach Ted Steen

NorCal Youth Premier (Gold) 9v9



Coach Manish Doshi

NorCal Youth Premier (Silver) 11v11


2005B White

Coach Ted Steen

NorCal Youth Premier (Silver) 11v11


2003B Black

Coach Ted Steen

State Premier 2 North 11v11



Coach Gina Woodward

NorCal Regional (Bronze) 7v7


2009B Blue

Coach Pablo Perez

NorCal Regional (Silver) 7v7


2007G Blue

Coach Gina Woodward

NorCal Youth Premier 9v9


2006B Blue

Coach Simba Aberdeen

NorCal Youth Premier (Gold) 11v11


2004B Blue

Coach Omar Bautista

NorCal Youth Premier 11v11


2002G White

Coach Omar Bautista

NorCal Youth Premier 11v11


2010B Blue

Coach Pablo Perez

NorCal Regional (Silver) 7v7


2008G White

Coach Joshua Martinez Reyes

NorCal Regional (Bronze) 9v9


2007B Blue

Coach Omar Bautista

NorCal Youth Premier (Gold) 9v9

Spurs 05B Blue.JPG

2005B Blue

Coach Niall Irwin

NPL (2 West) 11v11


2003B Navy

Coach Scott Allen

NPL 1 South 11v11


2000B Navy

Coach Simba Aberdeen

NorCal Youth Premier (Silver) 11v11

More Comp team photos coming soon…


Pre-Comp Soccer

Pre-Competitive youth soccer is a mix of recreational and competitive soccer that has the objective of preparing recreational players for a successful transition to competitive soccer.

Spurs FC Pre-Competitive Program

Pre-Competitive youth soccer — or Pre-Comp for short — is a great way for players and their families to get a taste of what competitive soccer will look like. Players born in 2012 - 2013 (with exceptions made for younger players made on a case-by-case basis) will practice together as a group and play small sided round robin games each weekend. The program is led by the same professional coaches who coach in our competitive program, using the same techniques and drills, with the same focus on player development and with the goal of preparing these young athletes to understand our vision and style of play. As this group learns and grows together, they will easily transition into our competitive program or to any other sport being supportive teammates and respectful athletes.


Spurs Rec Soccer

Our recreational youth soccer program provides a relaxed introduction to the sport, but with a more carefully vetted and prepared team of coaches than is customary in recreational soccer.

Spurs FC Recreational Program

Spurs is proud to provide a recreational soccer program to children ages 5 - 12. Our goal is to provide the groundwork for these youngsters to enjoy playing sports, develop a love for soccer and understand the importance of being a healthy athlete. Our coaches are a combination of parents and high school athletes who are provided with similar training and resources as the professional coaches in our competitive program. While some of these young footballers come from ‘Lil Spurs, many have had no previous soccer experience. All are welcome and we form as many teams as we have players so every player will be placed on a team and have the opportunity to play. Many recreational players move on to our competitive program because they are hungry for more time on the pitch.


Lil’ Spurs

It’s all about establishing a love of the game. Lil' Spurs is a ground-breaking introduction to soccer for children ages 3 - 5 years.

Lil’ Spurs FC Program

We not only give these young athletes an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of soccer and show them the value of teamwork, but we help build confidence, self awareness and nurture their social emotional strength as members of our larger Spurs soccer community. We maintain an extremely low coach-to-player ratio to ensure that each child is supported at the level they need. Our vibrant young trainers, under the direction of a professional coach, will work with children individually or in groups to provide an engaging and fun experience in a positive and safe environment. At the appropriate time and when the child is at the right age, the coach will speak with families about a pathway to other soccer programs in Spurs FC, such as Recreational and Pre-Competitive soccer. Our goal is to provide the groundwork for these youngsters to enjoy playing sports, develop a love for soccer and understand the importance of being a healthy athlete.