Financial Aid

Spurs FC provides a need-based financial aid program to help cover club program registration fees. The financial aid program does not cover uniforms, personal equipment, travel, lodging, apparel or other miscellaneous expenses. Each year the club budgets a set amount to support the financial aid program, but this does not guarantee that all applicants will receive support.

Application Process

In order to provide distribute Spurs FC Financial Aid equitably and fairly, the Spurs FC Financial Aid Committee, comprised of three Board Members, follows the process below and uses the financial aid program guidelines to make all financial aid decisions.

Here is our process:

  1. To qualify a family must complete a financial aid application per player and provide proof of eligibility.

  2. The Financial Aid Committee will make decisions based on our written guidelines.

  3. Families will be notified by email or phone call within two weeks of the application deadline of financial aid award or denial.

  4. If accepted, the amount of award will be provided.   

2019-2020 Financial Aid Application Deadlines:

Birth years 2006 to 2013: deadline May 17, 2019*

Birth years 2001 to 2005: deadline May 31, 2019*


The financial aid program is a need-based program that is awarded to families based upon their income.  A family's income level is qualified using the published Contra Costa County Income Limits.

* Since this is a new process, we ask all families seeking financial aid (including those families that received financial aid for last year), to submit a Financial Aid application.  

Given that we have added tournament fees into our program pricing for the 2019-2020 year, we will equitably adjust the amount that previous financial aid recipients pay for the upcoming 2019-2020 year.  Since Spurs FC has a limited Financial Aid budget available, we cannot make any guarantees or commitments on specific financial aid levels to any family until the Financial Aid Committee meets to review applications and decide on awards.