Parents, family members, and spectators at all Spurs FC activities must:

  1. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all activities.  We demonstrate our values every time we attend a Spurs FC activity whether at home or away.  

  2. Respect the authority of game officials (the center referee and their assistant referees). Arguing with, harassing, abusing or berating game officials before, during or after the match is strictly prohibited.

  3. Never enter the field of play unless the center referee gives specific permission to do so.

  4. Respect all coaches and their assistants.

  5. Respect all players in the game, both those on our team and those of the opposing team. Make only positive comments and never berate any player.

  6. Refrain from coaching from the sideline. Directing players what to do during a game shows disrespect to our coaches and to our players.  Players grow by taking risks and doing what their coach has asked. Those who repeatedly coach from the sidelines may be prohibited from attending future Spurs FC games.

  7. Not use foul or abusive language or make gestures of profanity for any reason.

  8. Not have any physical altercations with anyone (coaches, referees, players or other parents) for any reason at a Spurs FC activity.  If confronted with offensive or disrespectful verbal or physical abuse, walk away and report the incident to the club.

  9. Refrain from using drugs, alcohol and tobacco products at any Spurs FC events. or be under the influence of any drugs on soccer grounds or in the parking lots of soccer grounds. Request other adults present to refrain from their use as well.

  10. Take responsibility for complying with all field rules.  We expect others to respect our fields. We do the same whether at home or visiting as a guest at an away event.

  11. Take responsibility for understanding and abiding by the NorCal Code of Ethics.

  12. Take responsibility for knowing and understanding the Spurs FC Player Code of Conduct and supporting their player in abiding by it.