Spurs FC

The soccer club formerly known as Tottenham Hotspur East Bay (THEB) has become the newly independent Spurs FC. While the name has changed, our commitment to our mission remains constant: to support youth soccer players to achieve their full potential by providing a holistic, integrated program that develops players and coaches and educates parents in a positive, membership-driven community. This holds true across our four programs, which offer opportunities for youth ages 3-18 to play at a level that suits them as individuals, from recreational to competitive.

The new Spurs FC will continue to operate as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, governed by a recently elected parent Board of Directors. As a membership-driven club, input from our community of players, families, and coaches guides our decision-making and plays a vital role in the club’s culture.

Our racially and socioeconomically diverse teams, coaching staff, and leadership speak to our commitment to inclusivity and community.